Friday, March 23, 2012

One of my weekly RUNS

A 16 mile weekly Run. This was a point to point (1 way run). Weather was
wonderful 80 degrees+, beautiful day , I felt really good and all is well.
Photos taken along the South Palm Canyon Flood Control canal. My run
was from home in Rancho Mirage to the end of South Palm Canyon back
down to the highway and 2 miles along the highway to catch my ride home.
At 10 miles I started on this section of the valleys Flood Canals. The canal ends
at the end of South Palm Canyon Rd.
Well it seems I have company this morning. The only places in the valley cities
to ride your horses is in the Flood Canals.
One of the 3 Horse stables in the Palm Springs area.

Well it seems now we are along side a private Golf Course and also runs
along the canal

We are now at 12 miles along the canal and almost to the So. Palm Canyon Rd.
Look down So. Palm Canyon Rd. toward the city. Notice that the Mt's come
right down to the road. All the desert cities are butted up against the
Santa Rosa Mountains.

Off in the distance, upper center of photo, is
Highway 111 and the edge of down town Palm Springs
Yup and Yes my ride home, remember I said this was a point to point. When
ever I do that I make sure I end up at a Bus Stop. I would hate to have to walk
the 16 miles home.
And finally My Thought of the Day