Saturday, August 20, 2011

Portland Ore. Summer 2011 Trip

Arrived in Portland on Thursday aftnoon by Amtrak
and had a great ride.

Portland Northwest Hostel, a great inexpensive place to stay in Portland. Built in 1894 as a private home on the riverfront, sold in 1895 and new owners had the house moved to present location. They lifted the building placed it on skids and oxen drug it up hill to its present location which is about 2 miles from the waterfront. As time passed all needed modern facilities were added.

As I spent overnight and all morning Thursday on the train my first thought when arriving in Amtrak was a Beer. I grabbed my bags and walked over to the Rogue Mini Pub and Brewery which is only a mile from Union Station for a beer, made it in time for start of Happy Hour. Then on to the Hostel only another 5 blocks.

Friday morning trail run in Washington Park a mile from the Hostel and at the edge of town.
The Park is large with a zoo, museum , Rose garden, trails and next to the park, which is on a small mountain top is Portland's Hospital Row.
Looking down from the top of the mountain, we are at the tram station at the Oregon
Medical University Hospital. The tram is used mainly for employees going up and down
from the hospital as the student dorms and university buildings are on the waterfront
below the hospital. The tram is the best way to travel between the two.

Down town Portland mid day on a Monday.

Monday Noon at the city center square.
Weekend Market at the River Parway Boardwalk.
The Market continues with a cold beer!

Here I headed to the Annual Portland Brewers festival at the river parkway downtown Portland.

Here I'm in one of the two very large tents with seating and where you get your beer.

The Brew tasting gos on.

One of many block street parks scattered throughout Portland.
It was a great trip and had a wonderful time but it's Train time and heading home.