Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nanny Goat 12/24/100 2012

Nanny Goat came about with a conversation between Steve Harvey and his friend Shelli Sexton. The discussion was that Steve would like to do a race to help raise funds for wounded warriors and have it in a looped format. Shelli suggested her horse ranch property in Riverside CA. Steve and his wife Annie started putting on this wonderful event which has grown each of its 4 years, now about 200 runners, and has given the wounded warriors a sizable  amount of money.
Stalls in the barn went quicky as early as Thursday evening. I would guess that there were 30 or more tents outside the barn plus the 30 or more stalls inside.

Tents everywhere after the stalls in the barn fill up with runners outside there were tents everywhere, It was a sleep over.
Under the large tent before the run starts
Check-in was in the barn, which also served as runner/crew individual aid comfort stations, the start/finish line and Race Headquarters. Every trail runner that signs up can choose between a 12 hour format, 24 hours or 100 miles. The rule being if you make it to mile 86 before the 24 hours Steve will give you an extra 4 hours to complete a 100 miles to which you could earn your self a coveted light blue buckle.
Steve Harvey Race Director (with the bull horn and his stuffed Nanny Goat) of the great
Nanny/Old Goat Race series.
Shelli Sexton CO-RD is patrolling the Nanny Goat 12/24/100. She's looking for course cutters. Shelli thinks being drawn and quartered is too good for cheaters...
As you hit the lap timing mat your name, total number of miles
show up on every lap also length of time the event
has reached (here 43 min & 51 sec).
We're off -  started in the barn then on to the course.
We went out a driveway to the street, and right on to a dirt path.
 We then hung another right onto a grassy shoulder of the street
alongside the horse pastures.

Horses wanted to run with us including several colts.
Next we turn right onto a street next to the ranch and do a half mile 
turn around & loop back.
Then we turn left back into the ranch and start area & back
to the  barn to complete the mile course.
The Jester Ed  Ettinghausen the Marathon/100 mile guy.
Oh it was a  long day and night and stuff goes into
a container for trip home.
Yes the great long time Ultra Runner and Ultra Ambassador -
Beer drinking Chris Rios from Ridgecrest, Ca.  former
Race Director of the High Desert 50 &
President of the Over The Hill Track Club.
 Yup a Nanny Goat Beer Mug!
A great event well worth doing, it will sell out
quite early next year so check well ahead.

Friday, March 23, 2012

One of my weekly RUNS

A 16 mile weekly Run. This was a point to point (1 way run). Weather was
wonderful 80 degrees+, beautiful day , I felt really good and all is well.
Photos taken along the South Palm Canyon Flood Control canal. My run
was from home in Rancho Mirage to the end of South Palm Canyon back
down to the highway and 2 miles along the highway to catch my ride home.
At 10 miles I started on this section of the valleys Flood Canals. The canal ends
at the end of South Palm Canyon Rd.
Well it seems I have company this morning. The only places in the valley cities
to ride your horses is in the Flood Canals.
One of the 3 Horse stables in the Palm Springs area.

Well it seems now we are along side a private Golf Course and also runs
along the canal

We are now at 12 miles along the canal and almost to the So. Palm Canyon Rd.
Look down So. Palm Canyon Rd. toward the city. Notice that the Mt's come
right down to the road. All the desert cities are butted up against the
Santa Rosa Mountains.

Off in the distance, upper center of photo, is
Highway 111 and the edge of down town Palm Springs
Yup and Yes my ride home, remember I said this was a point to point. When
ever I do that I make sure I end up at a Bus Stop. I would hate to have to walk
the 16 miles home.
And finally My Thought of the Day